So you want to be a Prepper?

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It is our mission to share with preppers worldwide all the cool prepper gear we can get our hands on. We feel it’s important for people to have the right survival equipment either stocked at home, or compact everyday carry items whenever you leave the house. I don’t need to tell you it’s a dangerous world we live in and I want to help you survive it.

So as a reader what can you expect?

You can expect the coolest prepper gadgets to be talked about here and also any guides I think you may find useful. Prepping for when SHTF is incredibly important if you and your family want to survive a bad situation. The advice and tools I’m going to be sharing here will go a long way to helping you prepare for the worse.

This site isn’t just for preppers, we welcome all outdoors people. Campers, Hikers, Fishers, Mountaineers etc. The tools and gadgets we cover will help anyone that loves the outdoors survive in a crisis. This is general safety gear that almost everyone will have use for at some point in their life’s.

Why you should Prep?

This one is more obvious to some people. And I truly believe that having at the very least is a fully stocked bug out bag is a most for every person. Even if you don’t wish to stockpile food and water, or guns and ammo.

You must have a decent bug out bag ready to go. And if course the knowledge to survive without all the things we take for granted today. Like supermarkets, electricity, Internet, hospitals etc.

And remember waiting till you need to learn these survival skills or get this cool as hell gear will already be too late for you.

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All the gear we show on is for survival purposes and will do you well in a crisis. That said you’re taking full responsibly for what you do with this gear.

We are not responsible for any damages/injuries/crimes caused by the items we talk about on this site.