Best 9mm Guns For Self Defense

Best 9mm Guns For Self Defense

When it comes to personal defense guns there are those who swear by a Magnum, but there is little evidence that bigger always means better. In the case of 9mm guns the portability and increased number of cartridges could offer more protection both regarding the concealed carry opportunities and the number of shots.

When it comes to personal defense power isn’t always what you want. Power often means weight, slow draw time and less rounds.  Instead think speed, accuracy and concealability.  Most 9mm get around 18 rounds, compared to 7 or 8 for a .45, not to mention the difference in weight and price.

If you shy away from a 9mm because it is considered a gun more fit for ladies’ purses, take into consideration that it is also the weapon of choice for the tactical units in many countries. Let’s take a look at the best five choices of 9mms out there.

The Glock 17

Now in it’s 4th generation, this Austrian classic has been perfected to cover both civilian and law enforcement’s needs, being one of the widely used models. The new model comes with 3 17 rounds magazines. The polymer based pistol is lightweight (35 oz.) when loaded, durable and indestructible. It sits firmly in the shooter’s hand thanks to special grips that make it easier to handle even by inexperienced shooters. For the pros, it comes with an accessories rail to improve its capacities.

The CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow

Another law enforcement classic from the Czech Republic is this solid steel number. Depending on the magazine type this gun can hold between 12 and 26 rounds, giving you loads of firepowe rat 2.47 lbs. The absence of a firing pin block gives a better trigger travel, that can even be used with gloves on. The weaker recoil helps for more simple loading and the aiming is supported by fiber optic front sight and “Novak Style” rear sight.

SIG P210

If you want Swiss precision, the SIG P210 is worth considering. The steel piece is known to improve shooting accuracy, due to lack of movement between parts. This is due to a unique design feature. For P210 the slide rides inside the frame, giving it a tight fit, usually found in handcrafted guns. It was used by Swiss police and it is still a favourite of Danish law enforcement. Also weighing 35 oz., with wood grips and fixed sights, a style unchanged since the end of the war when it was first introduced.

Ruger LC9 Pro

This tiny American 9mm is the definition of compact. At no more than 17 oz it is a bit more than your tablet, but it could save your life. The downside is a small magazine of 7+1 rounds. However, the trigger is nice and crisp, delivering a clean shot. It’s a bit snappy but has the great advantage of being usable straight out of the box, no adjustment period required.

The Beretta 92FS

The replacement of the legendary Model 1911 for the U.S. Armed Forces, the Beretta is a great gun, but might feel a bit bulky for those with smaller hands and who aren’t used to a long trigger travel. It will not be the first choice as a gift for your wife, but it is one of the safest options to have around the house. The safety lever on the model can act as a decocking lever. Since it is widely available you can find spare parts at a decent price if anything needs tinkering.

Choosing the right ammo

After you have decided on the best gun for you, it’s time to load it up with the best ammo available. Remember, that a gun is worth as much as the bullets inside. Like the gas in your tank, performance may be improved or damaged in the long run if you opt for cheap and low quality.  Try getting enough ammo to always have some on hand and be sure to store it in cool dry places, away from children and pets.

We hope this has helped you decide on selecting a great 9mm and we advise you to test different models at the range or at the store before making a final purchase, to make sure you know what you have signed up for. If you intend to get a gun for someone else, let them choose one they feel comfortable with, don’t assume there is one size fits all.