Benjamin Pioneer Airbow the Good And The Bad

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is a hybrid between an airgun and a crossbow. And it is capable of firing full sized arrows at 450fps making it an extremely powerful hunting weapon. Whatever game you’re hunting it’s likely that the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow will do the job.

Other powerful crossbows require great strength or cocking assists before each shot. This isn’t the case with the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow. It can easily be cocked/decocked with 2 fingers and because of this it can easily fire 8 shots in the time it takes to fire 3 with your average crossbow.

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Along with being extremely powerful the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is also incredibly accurate. Regular crossbows push the arrow or bolt from the back. In the Airbow the arrows are pulled from the front giving the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow the ability to maintain heavily accurate. At 50 yards, you’ll see much tighter shot groupings compared to other crossbows. And even at 100 yards in good conditions the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is amazingly accurate for an arrow based weapon.

The Benjamin Airbow is obviously powered by compressed air. 3000 psi to be exact. And it is remarkably easy to refill with either of Benjamins offered filling solutions. I have unfortunately read reports of bad quality control leading to some Airbows having leaky air seals. But this happens to be a rare occurrence it seems.

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Features:

  • Full 375gr Arrows fired at 450fps
  • Powered by 3000 psi compressed air
  • 160fpe
  • Ambidextrous cocking bolt
  • 6x40mm scope
  • Picatinny rail system
  • Bullpup layout
  • Length 33.5”
  • Weight 7lb
  • Included Quiver, sling and 3 custom arrows

One important thing to keep in mind if you are interested in the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow well actually two things is: 1. It isn’t legal for hunting in every state. Be sure to check whether you can use it in your home state. 2. It’s expensive.

You can check which states it’s legal to use at scroll down the page and you’ll see a cool interactive map that shows you where its legal to hunt with.

The price of the Airbow is also a talking point because even though this is a cool as hell weapon that’s a lot fun to shoot. It costs $900.00 +

And that’s just the Airbow, the charging systems are sold separate and also expensive. Which for me is a too pricey even for this great product. Which is only really let down by the odd bit of bad quality control and the included scope which isn’t great quality and I recommend you replace sooner rather than later.

If you can stomach the price, you’ll like the Benjamin Airbow. It’s fast, powerful, accurate and easy to use even for disabled hunters. And providing you live in a state where its legal you’ll have a hell of time with the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.

It’s also safer to use than other crossbows because the action is all internal away from your hands and fingers. All in all, a great hunting weapon just a bit expensive and requires some extra considerations when it comes to refilling.

The Good And The Bad with this Airbow

The Good:

  • Powerful, fast and extremely accurate up to 100 yards. Which is amazing for a weapon firing arrows.
  • Easy and very safe to use
  • Can be used to hunt any type of game
  • Great for disabled hunters
  • Takes full weight arrows and broadheads
  • Cool as hell and real fun to shoot

The Bad:

  • Pricey
  • Not legal in all states
  • Questionable quality control
  • Subpar supplied 6x40mm scope
  • Charging equipment is sold separately and is also expensive.