The 7 Best Survival Guns to Have When SHTF

The 7 Best Survival Guns to Have When SHTF

There are many different scenarios in which you can be in a fight for survival. These scenarios can range from a post-apocalyptic event where zombies are trying to eat your brains, to being chased down by a venomous snake in the world, even to a more realistic scenario where you need to protect your loved ones from intruders during a home invasion.

Needless to say, there are many different situations where a survival gun is necessary and with every other situation, you most likely will need a different gun.

For example, for the being chased by a bear scenario, would you rather have a small pistol to squirt bullets at a massive 500 lbs or a heavy duty shotgun with its power alone being enough to scare away the bear, you decide.

To make sure we at least try to hit many of the scenarios one may one day encounter, we will be going over the top 7 survival guns to have when shit really hits the fan.

And don’t worry, because we’ll have a variety of guns including handguns, rifles, and shotguns to choose from. So without further ado, here they are.


#7: ArmaLite AR-15

Yes for those who did not know, the AR of the famous AR-15 rifle stands for ArmaLite Rifle. This can perhaps make it on a list of top five most known/popular guns, it is that damn known. Having said that, this gun is a must have if any situation hits the fan.

For survival situations, this classic gun provides many cool perks to use to your advantage such as its simple yet attractive design, making it one of the easiest to take apart and reuse, as well as versatility with being able to shoot multiple rounds if it is chambered.

Despite popular belief that the Ar-15 is an assault rifle, with most assault rifles being automatic weapons, the AR-15 is an automatic weapon. It is light and quick to the trigger but it packs a punch.

This would be the perfect gun under any survival situations. Check out this video to see how awesome the AR-15 is for yourself.

#6: Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Back to the being chased by a bear scenario again, you can either use a small handgun if you want to die, a more powerful shotgun if you are not scared to use it, or you can use this gun.

The Ruger 10/22 is in the goldie-lock zone of guns, meaning it is not too powerful yet it you can certainly feel that it packs a bit of a punch. This is perfect for beginners who have yet to shoot a rifle.

This rifle also brings with it many cool accessories. It has a simple design that allows for easy takedown and reassembles, scope mounts, and also easy to use extended magazines. You can count on things not hitting the fan if you have this gun in your hands.


#5: Mossberg 500 Tactical 8-shot

There is nothing like a classic 12 gauge pump action to help you survive right. A perfect shotgun to have when SHTF is the Mossberg 500 Tactical 8-shot. Before some of you are scared off,(Mostly the newbies), it is important to not how great of a gun it is for beginners.

If you let it be known that you have this gun, intruders might think twice about invading your home.

Made almost specifically for beginners with characteristics such as a short barrel, the fact that it is pump-action, and a safety switch.

Check out this beginner’s guide to using the Mossberg 500 Tactical 8-shot, which explains exactly how novice shooters can make the most of this wonderful shotgun.

#4: Remington 870 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun

It’s that oh so recognizable shotgun click that will send a chill down your spine, and the Remington 870 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun will deliver that feeling to any opponent or enemy you face during a survival situation.

In fact, the situation will hit the fan for the enemy across from you. With over 11,000,000 of these guns sold, it is a well-trusted gun that has a lot of advantages to it.

With perks like pistol grips and tube extensions, it provides protection with a very powerful blast. With everything that comes with it, this gun is sure to not disappoint in survival scenarios.

A tip, make sure you practice using it beforehand, you do not want to be caught in a situation where you don’t think you can handle the power, and your life depends on it.

For more information on this gun, check it out on Remington’s website.


#3: Colt M1911

To be realistic, the reason most carry handguns is that most survival situations involve you and a perpetrator with your best chance at survival being a handgun to use at your pull of a trigger.

Most of these situations are those like a home invasion, a mugging at gunpoint, or a carjacking. To handle situations like those, a good option is the Colt M1911. With a slim and sturdy design, it has all the needs to stop survival situations to your benefit.

Tracing back to world war I, the Colt M1911 is widely accepted and used for its durability. So, you will not have any problems with it breaking down on you during its use. This is a great handgun to have in your arsenal.

#2: Glock 17

The Glock 17 is another gun to have in your arsenal because of the simplicity it has, it is very easy to use.

Handguns, in general, are easy to use, but the Glock 17 has characteristics such as double the amount of ammunition available to use in a gun, as well as unrivalled reliability. That reason is why it is the gun of choice for enforcement officers nationwide.

Go with the Glock 17 for reliability in a survival gun capable of getting the work done under any situation you find yourself in. You can read more about the Glock 17 in our Best 9mm guns for self defense.

#1: Smith and Weston 586

You cannot talk about handguns without talking about the Smith and Wesson. This choice is here because unlike most handguns, the Smith and Wesson will impose the most fear into an enemy. Also, no handgun looks better than a revolver.

This gun would be perfect for the zombie apocalypse scenario mentioned in the beginning. How cool would it be to blast the brains out of a zombie up close and personal, anyone? Let’s just get to the extras on this gun then, shall we?

The Smith and Wesson 586 is designed with a timeless six bullet chamber with loading and cleaning made easy. The only real downside to it for some people is the fact that it only has those six rounds in it, combined with a slow reloading time to put another six in the chamber once again.

Having said that, your enemy or attacker will most likely already be down with one bullet of a .357 or .38 that this gun fires out. It’s really a cool looking and timeless piece of artillery.