5 Everyday Prepper Gadgets On A Budget

5 Everyday Prepper Gadgets On A Budget

Putting together an effective EDC kit with all the everyday carry gadgets you’ll need isn’t always cheap. That’s where Coolpreppergear.com is going to help you out.

I’ve put together 5 great EDC gadgets which will make a great addition to anyone’s EDC kit. And I’ve kept the costs down as low as I possibly can.

If you’re new to this and have no idea what an EDC kit is, it’s simply an everyday carry kit. These are extremely useful survival items or gadgets that are compact and can be carried with you everywhere you go.

5 Cool Cost Effective Everyday Carry Gadgets

Don’t consider these items a completed EDC kit, sure all together they bring a lot of utility. But keep in mind these are just great additions. I’ll be putting together a full EDC kit guide soon which Cool Prepper Gear subscribers will receive via email. So sign up and keep an eye out for that.

1. RFID Blocker

RFID reading devices created by criminals are actually one of the biggest threats to you right now. If you’ve got a newish credit card or debit card from your bank or another lender. Then chances are a lot of your personal information is at risk.

Simply by sitting next to you or walking alongside you with one of these devices, they can download all the information off the EMV chip on your new card.

And that’s why I highly recommend you protect yourself with an RFID blocker with your everyday carry gadgets. These RFID blockers are protective sleeves which you slip your cash cards into, then into your wallet or purse. They will block any unwanted RFID devices from accessing your card wirelessly.

2. ZeroLemon Solar Juice Battery Pack

Power banks or battery packs are becoming an important part of everyone’s EDC because of how many other gadgets we are carrying now. Everyone carries a cell phone or at least one device that requires charging.

The ZeroLemon Solar Juice battery pack is an excellent choice for this and I’ll tell you why:

  • Charges by Solar power or by Wall socket
  • The largest capacity version weighs only 2.1 oz
  • Its more compact than most smart phones
  • LED flashlight built in for emergencies
  • Weather resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Priced very smartly

As you can see this is a great choice for a EDC battery pack. Most of the time you’ll charge it by plugging it in. But in an emergency, you have the option to leave it in direct sunlight for a time. Which will allow you to charge your dead cell phone. Great on a camping trip or in a crisis.

3. Credit Card Survival Knife (Instablade)

The vast majority of preppers I’d say carry a small blade on them at all times. Likely a pen knife or even a swiss army knife. These compact knifes can be used as a useful tool in a pinch or even as a self-defence weapon if required.

I only recently got my Instablade so haven’t got around to featuring it on Cool Prepper Gear just yet. But I will do so keep an eye out for that in the next few days.

This little pocket survival knife is the same size and shape as a credit card. But with 3 easy flips it quickly transforms into a razor sharp 3-inch stainless steel blade. It has a snap lock which locks the blade in place for safety but is much easier to unlock than some of your regular lock knifes.

4. Stinger Tactical Pen

Ever had one of those moments when someone asks you if you have a pen? Or you really wish you had a pen and can’t find one. Ha I know just what that feels like. Used to drive me insane, isn’t a problem anymore though. Since now I pretty much carry my Stinger Tac pen everywhere I go.

This tactical pen has it all. It writes upside down and underwater, and is a solid lump of aircraft grade aluminium engineered to cause any attacker a large amount of pain. It’s perfectly legal to carry anywhere and is a great EDC self-defence option.

Unlike a knife, it’s non-lethal which is a good thing. And is an effective weapon for anyone regardless of physical size and power. Another great option that I recommend for EDC pens is the Strikepen Black.

I said I was going to show you some great additions to your EDC without breaking the bank I think I have already achieved that.

If you’d like a more in-depth look at this tactical pen, check out my Stinger Tactical Pen article from last week.

5. FireKable Paracord Bracelet

I actually covered this EDC gadget early this morning and I really like it. It’s certainly one of the best paracord bracelets I’ve ever had. You get 80 feet of paracord which is incredibly useful by itself and built into the clip of this paracord bracelet is a little Ferro rod and a striker. Which can be used to start a fire if the SHTF.

Most paracord bracelets are just useable paracord, which don’t get me wrong is still useful for many functions in a survival situation.  But the Firekable does that little bit extra by being a reliable Firestarter also. And for that it makes my everyday carry gadgets list over your stock paracord bracelets which are still awesome by the way.

If you’re interested in learning more take a look at my FireKable paracord bracelet post from earlier.

So there you have it.

Those are 5 great everyday carry gadgets that will make a great addition to your kit. And they are all extremely cost effective. Allowing anyone to kit themselves out with a decent EDC kit on a budget in no time at all.